Video Series

A picture’s worth 1,000 words, but a video is priceless. Our full-service Studio creates all sorts of valuable resources, from informational videos to project highlights and more!

New Imaginations – Foreign Wastewater Technologies

In our new video series, New Imagination, the first video highlights foreign wastewater technologies and how our team was able to take an approach from overseas to solve spatial issues that Minnesota communities were facing with their wastewater treatment facilities.

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Coffee beans

Coffee Break

Take your morning coffee break with a side of casual discussion on industry topics. Sit down with our engineers to learn more about their expertise and experiences in the AEC industry


Blink: Simplified Solutions

Ever wondered how complex engineering practices materialize into clean water, safe roads, and places to play? Check out these simplified solutions for answers in two minutes or less.



If you’re more of a reader, this is the place for you. Check out our monthly articles to learn more about our services, clients, projects, and what makes Bolton & Menk a great place to work.


MS4iD™ is an innovative, GIS-based tool that leverages your own stormwater management system information to store and organize critical MS4 inspection data. By simplifying the inspection data collection process, you can focus on your commitment to environmental stewardship and achieve the goals of the MS4 permit that matter most to you. Check out how Bolton & Menk can help below!

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Understanding Projects with Interactive 3D Models

Many engineering projects consist of complex challenges requiring months, perhaps years, of analysis to arrive at solutions that meet the needs of all project stakeholders. 3D interactive tools can assist in educating all stakeholders.

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Build a Better Project Experience with Project Communications

Project communication services identifies and executes effective communication tools and strategies throughout the life of a project, be it the preliminary design phase or final construction.

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When Project Execution does not go as Planned

Whether a project is small or large, simple or complex, embraced or confrontational, challenges and complications can arise at any point during a public improvement project.

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Interactive Tools

Browse through our interactive applications. Visit the job site without ever leaving home. No hard hat required here!

NexTech: An Introduction to UAV Services

I have a limited budget. Is UAV technology feasible for my community? Absolutely! Here’s how.

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INPUTiD™ helps gather and communicate community-member input on projects that matter to you. Jump in and check out how we can learn more about what your community needs are.


Blaine Water Treatment Plant

Virtual Water Treatment Facility Tour

Take a peek inside the Water Treatment Facility built for Blaine, MN. Explore the ins-and-outs of the systems that treat your water.


Virtual Wastewater Treatment Facility Tour

This application takes a deep dive into the campus of the Sioux Center, IA Wastewater Treatment Facility and how each building and system contributes to clean, conserve, and protect a water supply.


For students and teachers

We offer a variety of experiences to students curious about what we do. Whether you are confident in your career choice or just want to test the water, we have opportunities for all levels of experience.

Intern with us

As an intern you will learn practical on-the-job experience. Intern responsibilities can include a variety of tasks both on the job site and in the office. Click below to learn more about our internship program.

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Job shadowing

Job shadow

Job shadowing is a great way to learn first-hand about a career you’re interested in. Click below to find out how you can spend a day with a member of our team to see if a career in engineering is right for you!

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Sorting through scholarship opportunities can be overwhelming. We pulled an all-nighter and assembled some of our favorite scholarships for engineering students! Click below to check them out!

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Named one of the very best workplaces in the State of Minnesota! We’re proud to rank in the Top 50 on the list, and even prouder that we were voted in by our own employees.