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Our team can tackle any engineering project, regardless of size or scope. From helping small rural communities meet regulatory changes and establish capital improvement plans, to assisting metro area governmental entities with major transportation issues, you will be part of a team to solve the engineering challenges that are facing communities. Our team consists of nearly 300 specialized professional engineers, surveyors, engineering technicians and certified planners. This collective experience and in-depth expertise make it possible for us to deliver effective collaboration, strategic problem solving and practical application of technological advancements for our clients.
We have the largest team dedicated to water and wastewater treatment of any other regional firm and we have completed over 150 projects in the past decade helping municipalities and industries clean, conserve and protect their water supplies. From engineering to funding and construction management to technical operations, we use the most recent technological advancements as we plan and design systems and processes to exceed regulatory requirements, meet capacity demands and easily maintain.
Whether it's a highway bypass around a rural community, a roundabout in an urban setting, or a transportation study to help plan for future growth, our transportation services team gets the job done. we understand our role and responsibility in planning and designing transportation infrastructure for today and tomorrow. We listen, embrace challenge, collaborate and strategically apply advanced technology to meet each client's needs. Our philosophy is realized through our sustainable approach that unifies technical elements with environmental compatibility, public and stakeholder acceptance, and economic viability.
Our team supports all facets of airport management, from board and commission communications, to public involvement and consensus building, hangar and land lease management, storm water pollution prevention plans, wildlife management programs and GIS asset management applications. Through airport master planning, we comprehensively evaluate on-airport and off-airport elements and craft a realistic plan tailored to your needs. This process formulates the necessary justification for future projects and develops efficiencies for upcoming steps including environmental reviews and zoning.
Our Water Resources team addresses a wide range of contemporary issues regarding water quality and quantity. Control of storm water runoff and flooding has long been a major concern for our clients and is a key service area for our firm. Our team focuses on comprehensive storm water management planning, wetlands, culvert and waterway analysis and NPDES permitting.
We have built a rich history and sterling track record of success in the land surveying business. We have been widely recognized for our leadership in implementing new surveying technologies and we have embraced the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) Certified Survey Technician Program throughout the company. Our team concentrates on Engineering and Architectural Design Surveys, Title and Boundary Surveys, Aeronautical Surveys, Construction Surveys, Right-of-Way and Easement Acquisition Surveys, Geodetic Surveys, and 3D Laser Scanning.
Our team provides creative solutions in areas such as downtown revitalization, parks and recreation facilities, alternative storm water practices, and Complete Streets. The solitary focus is on the betterment of the community. Our sustainable approach to landscape architecture provides lasting solutions that work not only for today, but long into the future. Our team concentrates on Transpiration Corridor Enhancements, Parks and Recreational Facility Design, Downtown Streetscape Revitalization, Sustainable Design and Storm Water Management.
A Geographical Information System (GIS) combines mapping and database technology to create a centralized spatial information hub that can be shared interdepartmentally, from city or country administration staff to the public works department, the assessor's office and beyond.
As GPS data collection has become more sophisticated and accurate, so too has GIS information. And never before has accurate geographic data been more important to cities, counties and other entities. Whether it's calculating the miles of sewer line or locating and inventorying every catch basin in a city, having quick and easy access to the information is a time and money saver. Our GIS team focuses on GIS Technical Services, Python Development for ArcGIS Platform, GIS Needs Analysis and Implementation Planning, Utility Mapping/Infrastructure Management, GPS Infrastructure Data Collection, GASB 34 - Capital Asset Compliance, Asset Management and CMMS Implementation, Internet and Mobile GIS Solutions.