People interning
People interning


As an intern you will learn practical on-the-job experience. A Civil Engineering Intern will spend the majority of their time working with construction phase activities. Duties may include assisting with construction observation, performing construction staking, performing construction administration duties such as documenting activities, measuring and testing, providing general oversight, and interacting with contractors, sub-contractors, residents and City staff. Some interns may assist with general office duties, surveying, quantity calculations, estimates, plan specs and project design.

Where would I work?
We have projects going on all over the upper midwest. The positions would be based out of a designated office location but most of the time you report directly to a project site.

What are my hours?
In the summer it is not unusual to work 10-12 hour days at the peak of the construction season. Since much of the work is outside, you are subject to varying weather conditions. Some days you might get in 2 hours and you could have a few 14-16 hour days.

What would I earn?
Student interns are paid an hourly rate plus time and a half above 40 hours in a week. Most interns will earn $10.00-$16.00 per hour depending on experience.

I am interested. Now what?
Don’t wait! You have to apply to be considered. Interested students must apply via our website. Resumes dropped off, mailed, emailed or faxed will not be accepted.

We typically begin collecting resumes at the fall career fairs and begin the screening process mid-November until all positions are filled.  To be considered, candidates must apply online and we will contact you by email if you are selected for a screening interview.

Internships typically work May – August, but may continue throughout the school year on a PT basis.

Required Qualifications for the Bolton & Menk Internship Program:

Degree Programs: AAS Civil Engineering or Land Survey Technology, BS Civil Engineering or Construction Management, MS in Environmental Engineering or Water Resources. BS Geography, BS Urban Planning, BA Landscape Architecture.

Minimum Cumulative GPA: 2.8, Desired 3.2

Current Status: Freshman, Desired: Sophomore or above

Outside Activities: Active involvement in one or more activities such as student organizations, campus social or academic groups.

To apply for an internship with Bolton & Menk, visit our Job Opportunities page.

We promise our clients two things – we’ll work hard and we’ll do a good job. We take a personal interest in the work being done around us, and have fun along the way. The relationships with our clients and coworkers are important to us, many times evolving into friendships.