Job Shadow Request

Job shadowing is a great way to learn first-hand about a career you're interested in. You may want to try shadowing several different jobs before choosing a college or career. You may even want to shadow different people with the same job. Often people with the same degree or job title do very different things in their day to day work.
Job shadowing is when you spend a day (or part of a day) at work with someone in a career that interests you. During a job shadow, you not only get to observe what people do, but also ask questions and maybe even participate in some activities. Job shadowing usually won't give you the complete picture of a job or career, but it will give you a preview.
You will want to explain who you are and why you're interested in doing a job shadow. Give the person two-weeks notice, and have a calendar handy so that you can be sure that you are available when they are.
Where will we meet? What time to I need to arrive/leave? Ask, write it down, and be sure to get there when you say you will. If something comes up, contact the person you were planning to shadow and let them know that you will be late or unable to come.
Should I need to bring a lunch? What should I wear? These questions are especially important to ask if you are shadowing someone who works outdoors, at a construction site or manufacturing plant - somewhere other than a typical office.
Practice introducing yourself. Remember that first impressions are important.
Think of questions that you might want to ask. Having some ideas about what you want to learn during your experience, can make you more confident and let you get more out of the day. Some examples: When did you become interested in the field you are in? How did you learn more about it? Is this a typical day for you? If I wanted to work here, how much schooling do I need?
BE ON TIME. Be courteous and responsible.
Ask questions. You'll find that most people appreciate the interest you show in their work and will enjoy sharing what they know with you.
Take something with you to take notes on. Also take emergency contact information with you.
After you've gone on a job shadow, write a Thank You letter! Letting people know how much you appreciate what they have done for you is an important courtesy and something you should do often. A thank you note makes others feel good about their efforts and more willing respond if you ask for help or information in the future.

Job shadows at Bolton & Menk typically range from 2 to 4 hours.

Complete the form below to indicate your interest in job shadowing at Bolton & Menk. Job Shadows are dependent on availability of staff and schedules. We try to accommodate all requests, but at times are unable to schedule due to project deadlines & schedules. We require a 2 week notice.


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