Camp Ripley Veterans State Trail Coridor Study

Public Involvement

June 7, 2012 Public Open House

6:30 PM 8:30 PM

Morrison County Government Center (213 1st Ave SE, Little Falls)


March 22, 2012 Public Open House

Click the link below to view the presentation from the open house.

March Open House Presentation (PDF 4MB)

November 15, 2011 Public Open House

Click on the links below to view the materials presented at the first public open house held on November 15, 2011.

Study Area | Study Purpose | Vision & Goals | Study Area Issues | Water Resources | Natural Features | Endangered Species | State Trails | Schedule | Cass County Study Area (Text) (Map)

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Public involvement will be a key component to the successful development of the Camp Ripley Veterans State Trail Corridor Study. Making timely, accurate and useful information available to both key decision-makers and the general public will promote effective decision-making by fostering a cooperative spirit and building trust and relationships among state, regional and local partners, and the public. This requires the early and continuous involvement of all affected interests identified during the initial stages of study planning.

The Camp Ripley Veterans State Trail Corridor Study will use the following methods to promote public involvement as outlined in the Public Involvement Plan and shown in the graphic below:

  • Project Steering Committee Meetings
  • Public Open House Meetings
  • Focus Group/Elected Official Meetings
  • Citizen Surveys
  • Newspaper articles, project mailings and a study website

Public agency representatives that are actively involved in the Camp Ripley Veterans State Trail Corridor Study include the counties of Cass, Crow Wing and Morrison, Mn/DOT, MnDNR, the National Parks Service and Region 5 Development Commission.

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