Project Overview


Welcome to the City of Storm Lake’s website for the Airport Master Plan being completed at the Storm Lake Municipal Airport. This site is your official source for up-to-date information about this planning study. This website will be updated as new information is available. Check back monthly to stay informed about the project and opportunities to participate in the planning process. Click here to leave a comment on the project. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

Your use of the airport is important to us, and as a part of the Master Plan process, we are gathering data on the existing users of the airport. We would like to know what works and what doesn’t for your operations at the airport. You can complete either a pilot user survey or a business user survey for the airport by clicking on one of the links below. Your feedback is valuable to the airport. The survey is open for input.

Project Purpose

An Airport Master Plan is a 20-year plan for an airport and describes the short, mid, and long-term development plans to meet the existing and future needs of the identified users of the airport. The Airport Master Plan will provide direction and guidance to the airport owner, the City of Storm Lake, regarding future airport preservation and development priorities. It will become the City’s plan and strategy for the future of the airport.

Project Objectives

The Airport Master Plan objectives were discussed with the Storm Lake Airport Commission and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) during the project scoping process. The specific objectives identified to help attain the study goals include:

  • Explore existing and projected aviation demand and identify the aviation facilities necessary to accommodate the demand
  • Evaluate the required airport design standards based on the identified critical aircraft
  • Identify design standard deficiencies and provide realistic solutions to meet airport design standards, including runway airspace obstructions and runway length
  • Recommend improvements that will enhance safety, meet capacity needs, and are compatible with the surrounding built & natural environment
  • Identify potential land use changes and controls to satisfy existing and future airport requirements
  • Establish a realistic implementation plan for the proposed improvements based on planning level project cost estimates
  • Evaluate ways to maximize revenue and manage cash flow through the development of a financial feasibility analysis that considers future capital improvement needs
  • Provide an opportunity for all airport stakeholders, including users and surrounding landowners, to participate in the process and provide valuable input

Planning Considerations Map

The Planning Considerations Map is a graphic being used to collect and convey information under consideration regarding the existing and future airport configuration that will be studied in the Airport Master Plan. This map will be updated as input is received and/or new information is learned.

  • Existing airport configuration – Iowa Highway 110 is a penetration to the Approach/Departure surface. The existing runway configuration will be evaluated to determine the best layout and solution to eliminate the roadway obstruction. The Airport Commission will be working with landowners to address any concerns to meet minimum safety standards.
  • Future airport development to be studied - The Airport Commission will identify a long-term vision for the airport to meet future aviation demand, facility needs, and airport safety standards. If additional runway length is needed, the Airport Commission will consider many factors to meet the necessary minimum safety standards.
planning considerations map

Project Contacts

Jim Patrick
City of Storm Lake

Melissa Underwood
Senior Aviation Planner
Bolton & Menk, Inc.
2730 Ford Street
Ames, IA 50010-0668

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