Project Overview

Several improvements to the infrastructure around Waconia are planned to be constructed or reconstructed to provide the public with a sustainable system of roads, utilities, trails, and parks and to augment the City with greater connectivity among residents, safer traveling for vehicles and pedestrians, and a healthier quality of life. The locations of these improvements are shown in the figure below and consist of the following project components:

  • Reconstruction of Cherry Street (between First Street and Second Street), Maple Street (between Hwy 5 and Fourth Street), and Fifth Street (between Cherry Street and Maple Street). This reconstruction involves improving the sanitary sewer, watermain, and storm sewer systems by removing and replacing the pipe networks. It also includes removing and reconstructing the entire right-of-way and improving the sub-base and sub-base drainage. Portions of the street reconstruction, sanitary sewer, and watermain items are proposed to be assessed.
  • Reconstruction of the entire section of Interlaken Crossing (Old Airport Road) and Airport Road (the new elementary school entrance to 100 feet to the east) from gravel roadways to paved roadways. This reconstruction also includes the addition of a bituminous trail, storm sewer improvements, and utility extensions.
  • Edge mill, bituminous overlay, and drainage improvements to the following streets:
    - Cherry Street (Hwy 5 to Fifth Street)
    - Sunset Blvd (entire roadway)
    - Industrial Blvd (Hwy 10 to Hwy 284)
    - Airport Road (apartment entrance to new school entrance)
    - Wildhurst Road (entire roadway)
    - Deerfield Road (entire roadway
  • The construction of a new bituminous trail along Hwy 10 in the northwestern part of the city. The trail will begin at the existing dead end trail south of the Hilks Lake townhomes and extend to the shoulder of Hwy 10 to the north of Waconia Parkway North.
  • Improvements to Hilks Lake Park including new playground equipment, new curbing, an amenity pad, and improved connectivity to the adjacent trail.

Project locations can be viewed by clicking the below image.

project layout rendering