Project Overview

TH 5 has been a high accident rate corridor for many years. It was listed as one of the highest crash rate corridors in Carver County in recent studies. A primary driver to this higher than average crash rate is the high volume of traffic entering and leaving the busy Ridgeview Medical Center and surrounding clinics. It has been the goal of the City and the medical center to install a signal at the intersection of Cherry Street for many years to improve traffic flow and reduce accident risks entering and leaving the medical campus. The TH 5 project will install this long awaited signal at Cherry Street and will implement an access management effort necessary to meet accident reduction goals.

The project converts the corridor from a two-lane rural section to four-lane urban section using reduced lane widths and minimal shoulders in accordance with current design standards to maximize the value of the existing right-of-way available. This proposed design exemplifies a low-cost / high-benefit project adding more capacity and function with minimal additional roadway width while also accommodating non-motorized traffic.

A new 10' multi-use trail will be provided on the south side of TH 5 between Oak Avenue and TH 284. This connection is important to the area as no trail or pedestrian network is in place for the western portion of the City to access facilities to the east without use of a vehicle.

A video explaining the project can be found below.