I-35 Alternative Urban Areawide Review

An Alternative Urban Areawide Review, or AUAR, is a type of environmental assessment used to address cumulative impacts from future urban development over a broad geographic area. The AUAR process includes preparation of a “Mitigation Plan” that identifies methods to avoid, minimize, or mitigate identified environmental impacts as future development takes place.


The City of Elko New Market evaluated a proposed Ryan Companies light industrial development and other possible land use changes to follow at the southeast quadrant of County Highway 2 and Interstate Highway 35 (I-35). The City and New Market Township addressed the potential impacts of this development though the AUAR. The development boundaries of the 265-acre AUAR study area include the proposed 125-acre Ryan Companies Development and 140 acres in surrounding parcels with potential for more commercial/light industrial development.


The City of Elko New Market adopted the Final AUAR on August 13, 2015. Copies of the adopted documents are located below.



Response to Comments on the Draft AUAR


Final AUAR - 52 pages
Final AUAR Figures - 18 pages
Final AUAR Appendices - 67 pages


Final Traffic Impact Study (TIS) - 73 pages
TIS Appendices - 150 pages

More Information

To find out more on the project, please contact:

Tom Terry
City Administrator
E-mail: tterry@ci.enm.mn.us
Phone: 952-461-2777