Project Summary

At their January 24, 2017 meeting, the City Council awarded a contract to Widmer Construction for the installation of a 10-inch trunk watermain from Avon Park to Tyrone Park, referred to as the Island Park Watermain Loop. The construction will be completed using the trenchless, directional drilling method. The contractor will excavate drilling and receiving pits for the watermain installation which will extend approximately 1,600 feet under Emerald/Seton Lake. The new watermain pipe is made of high density polyethylene plastic (HDPE); 50-foot sections will need to be mechanically fused to create one continuous section of pipe. This process will take a few days and the fused pipe will be progressively extended easterly out onto the frozen lake just south of Carlow Road. When this process is complete, the contractor will drag the pipe to the receiving pit in Tyrone Park where it will then be pulled back underground to Avon Park.

Connections to existing watermain pipes in Avon Lane and Tyrone Lane will be completed in the spring, providing a second, independent source of water to the Island. Currently, the only source of potable water to the Island is via Wilshire Boulevard.

2016 Feasibility Report - PDF.

Project Area

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