Osseo 2016 Street, Utility & Alley Improvements

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Project Overview

At their meeting of January 25th, the Osseo City Council approved plans and specifications for street, utility and alley improvements on:

Street Reconstruction

Phase 1

  • 1st Street NE from 2nd Ave. NE 4th Ave. NE
  • 2nd Avenue NE from 1st Street NE to 2nd St NE

Phase 2

  • Broadway Street East from 3rd Ave. Northeast to 4th Ave. Northeast
  • 3rd Avenue SE 1st Street SE to Broadway St. E

Street Surface Reconstruction with spot curb repairs

  • 2nd Street NE from 5th Ave. to 7th Ave. NE
  • 2nd Avenue SE from 2nd St. to 1st St. SE

Alley Reconstruction

  • Alley N from 2nd St. to 3rd St. NE
  • Alley SE from Broadway to 1st St. NE
  • Alley NE from 1st St. NE. to 2nd St. NE

The proposed street reconstruction improvements consists of reconstruction sanitary sewer, watermain, storm sewer, sidewalks and streets.  Street surface reconstruction consists of reclaiming the existing bituminous pavement and granular material, make spot repairs to the existing curb and utility structures within the street. Alley reconstruction improvements consist of removal of the existing bituminous surfacing and install concrete pavement.

Bids on the work were received in February and a public assessment hearing was held on April 11th.  The construction is anticipated to start in May.

Project Schedule

Emergency contacts: Contractor, C & L Excavating, Brent Lahr, Project Manager   320-980-3363

Project Schedule/Sequence: C & L Excavating - Dependent on Weather

June 20th - 24th
  • 2nd St. NE & 2nd Ave SE
    • Concrete spot curb repairs – Monday 20th & Tuesday 21st
    • Subgrade and Agg. Base Prep.
  • Phase I - Concrete Sidewalk & Drives. – Wednesday 22nd
  • Phase II – Broadway E & 3rd Ave. SE
    • Grading for sidewalk and paving. – Tuesday 21st
    • Concrete Sidewalk & Drives. – Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th   Weather Dependent
Week of June 27th
  • Phase II – Broadway E & 3rd Ave. SE
    • Paving Base – Wednesday 29th
  • 2nd St. NE & 2nd Ave SE
    • Paving Base – Wednesday 29th
  • Boulevard preparation for turf. 30th and 1st
  • Irrigation system repairs
  • Raise sewer structure castings. 30th and 1st
July 4th Holiday
  • Boulevard preparation for turf.
  • Project clean-up items
July 11th
  • Phase I: Restoration Turf
  • Phase II: Restoration Turf
  • Alley – Restoration of landscaping and turf may occur this week. Small fill in areas.
  • 2nd St. NE & 2nd Ave SE: Restoration Turf
End of July
  • Final Paving
  • Punchlist
August 1st
  • 2nd St. NE & 2nd Ave SE
    • Striping
  • Walk Thru – Final
2017 Spring – field work to correct identified deficiencies.

Project Contacts

Luke Wheeler

Resident Project Representative

Mobile: 612-597-9105

Joseph Pelawa

Project Manager
Office: 763-433-2851
Mobile: 612-590-0362
Marcus Thomas

City Engineer

Office: 952-890-0509

Mobile: 612-859-6526

Construction Update

May 2nd  Update:

the City’s Contractor plans to start performing alley work behind your residence starting Monday May 2, 2016.  Alley access will be limited for a few weeks while this work is completed.
This work was originally scheduled to begin end of May. Contractor coordination and scheduling of subcontractors has allowed this work to proceed sooner.

With this advancement of alley work, access for residents is planned to be fully be restored by Memorial Holiday weekend.

We ask that you please park your vehicle out of the alley or away from the work area. 

If you have any questions or need additional information please contact myself, I can be reached at 612-597-9105 or visit the project website.