Prior Lake - 2015 Street Reconstruction

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Project Overview

The City has a Capital Improvement Program which prioritizes the infrastructure improvement needs within the City. This program has identified the Highland, Marsh, Skyline, Grainwood, and Eau Claire neighborhood areas as planned for reconstruction in 2015. The City is planning to reconstruct the deteriorated bituminous surfaces to meet current City standards which will include new concrete curb and gutter. Along with the reconstruction of the street surface, the City reviews all underground infrastructure needs and makes improvements accordingly. For this project, stormwater management improvements, replacement of sanitary sewer, and replacement of watermain will take place.

The City has contracted with Bolton & Menk, Inc. to assist in the design of the project to be completed this fall with bidding in the early spring. Construction is anticipated to begin in May 2015 and continue into November with multiple phases along the way. Construction begins with the deep utility work and progresses to street reconstruction and finally restoration.

Project Schedule

Proposed 2015 Street Reconstruction Project Schedule

08/25/14 - Order Preparation of Feasibility Report (Council Meeting)

10/23/14 - Hold First Neighborhood Information Meeting

11/10/14 - Accept Feasibility Report & Call for Public Hearing (Council Meeting) 

11/24/14 - Public Improvement Hearing; Order Project & Preparation of Plans (Council Meeting)

01/15/2015 - Hold Second Neighborhood Information Meeting

01/26/15 - Approve Plans & Specs; Authorize Ad for Bids (Council Meeting)

02/2015 - Publish Ad for Bids

02/23/15 - Bid Opening

03/09/15 - Accept Bids & Award Contract

05/2015 - Construction Start

11/2015 - Construction Substantially Complete (all work except for the final layer of bituminous pavement will be completed in 2015)

11/2015 - Assessment Hearing & Adopt Assessment

06/2016 - Construction Final Complete

Project Contacts

We welcome any feedback or concerns related to the proposed reconstruction project.  Please call or email the Project Manager:

Cory Bienfang, P.E.
Bolton & Menk, Inc.
Cell #: 507-995-2936

Katy Gehler, P.E.
Public Works & Natural Resources Director
City of Prior Lake
Phone #: 952-447-9890