Le Sueur County – TH 112 Turnback

Project Overview

The Trunk Highway 112 corridor is a critical part of the regional transportation network in Le Sueur County, providing connections from Le Sueur and Le Center to TH 169.  TH 112 is also important to the city as it serves as its Main Street, providing direct access to numerous businesses and homes along the corridor. 

The portion of TH 112 (through the City of Le Sueur from the north end at TH 169 to the intersection of County Road 115) has been chosen for improvement as part of the State Highway Jurisdictional Transfer Program, which involves the transfer of roadway ownership from the state to the county. This transfer helps better serve the public by assigning roads to the jurisdictions best suited to effectively operate them.

This section needs improvement for a number of reasons, including failing pavement and underground utilities. The project will also look to address motorist and pedestrian needs and safety.

The project is planned for construction in 2020 and will include:

  • Rehabilitation of TH 112 from interchange of TH 169 to intersection of State Highway 93 (Bridge St)
  • Reconstruction of TH 112 from State Highway 93 (Bridge St) to County Road 115 (356th St)
  • Sanitary Sewer and Watermain Improvements
  • Storm Sewer improvements
  • Pedestrian and ADA upgrades  



County Highway 112 - Le Sueur


Cory Bienfang, P.E.
Bolton & Menk, Inc
Phone: (507) 625-4171 ext. 2765
Email: corybi@bolton-menk.com

Dave Tiegs
Le Sueur County
Phone: (507) 357-8536

Owen Todd, P.E.
City of Le Sueur
Phone: (507) 625-4171 ext. 2542

Public Involvement


Public Open House #2 Scheduled!

The first open house was held on February 15 at the Le Sueur Fire Hall from 4:30 to 6:30 PM. The purpose of the first open house was to share project purpose, background, and schedule with the public and to collect feedback on potential street section improvements. The links below include the materials presented to the public at the open house.