Low Salt Solutions Training

Bolton & Menk is integrating low salt design into all cold climate projects. Our low salt design training and resource library help our team of planners, landscape architects, engineers, and other experts see design through the lens of winter conditions. We understand your winter maintenance concerns; our custom designed and retrofit strategies will save you money and improve public safety.

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Connie Fortin

Low Salt Strategist

Tim Olson, PE, CFM

Principal Water Resources Engineer

The Need for Change in Winter Design

Introduction to LSiD

Outsmart the Wind

Horizontal Drainage

Vertical Drainage

Easy to Plow

Snow Storage

Salt Storage

Pavement Reduction

Pavement Alternatives



Time to Work Together

  • Winter Maintenance Professionals cannot “fix” the chloride problem, they can only slow it down.
  • We’ve heard from 20,000+ snowplow drivers… We need better design. 

Low Salt Design

Low Salt Design is the first product line under Low Salt Solutions.

Low Salt Design aims to create safer winter surfaces by improving pavement recovery and reducing the reentry of snow and meltwater to saltable surfaces.

The Vision

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Low Salt Design will help protect our beautiful communities from the damage caused by salt and will give our clients:

  • Safer winter surfaces for pedestrian and vehicle travel
  • Cost savings by reduced winter maintenance effort
  • Longer life and lower repairs with less salted infrastructure
  • Reduced chloride loading to the surface and groundwater
  • Less salt toxicity topsoils, vegetation and wildlife
  • Compliance with Chloride Management Plans
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