Engineers With Heart

Engineers have the opportunity to do ground breaking projects that are sustainable and innovative and improve communities every day. Because February is American Heart Month and host of Engineering Week, we asked our engineers to reflect on why they do what they do. Here are quotes from engineers across the firm, expressing what keeps them passionate about engineering day after day.

At the end of the day I know that what I am doing is helping people and helping move society in a positive direction. Not everyone can say that.”

“I decided to become a civil engineer after interning for an engineering firm for four summers. I had the opportunity to see what they do on a daily basis and to see the preparation of plans and specifications as well as construction phase tasks. It was very apparent they were solving complex problems for clients. I also enjoyed the math that was involved in every aspect. My favorite thing about being an engineer is helping clients achieve their goals. It’s personally very satisfying!”

“Being able to harness my technical skills and leadership abilities to protect and maintain existing community resources and infrastructure and build sustainable solutions for the future.”

“While almost no one is aware of it, I love doing the work that helps keep out modern society functioning. Realizing how things that seem simple, such as a working water supply and wastewater systems, have allowed for civilization to make great advances keeps me passionate about what I do every day.”

“My favorite part about being an engineer is getting to work with so many different people, whether they are clients, project residents or business owners, regulatory agency staff, or fellow employees. It’s fun to be able to form relationships with those people and become invested in the communities we work with.”

“I love solving problems on an everyday basis to make the communities we live in even better places.”

“As a water resources engineer, I get to help people solve their flooding problems.”

“Helping people– all engineering is about helping people in some way direct or indirect.”

“I enjoy being an engineer because it keeps me on my toes. Every day is unique and there are always different problems to solve. I’m passionate about providing solutions that improve the quality of life in each community we serve.”

“To find solutions that sustain and improve the world for everybody and everything in union. I am most passionate about turning theory into reality or virtual plans into construction.”

“My favorite part about being an engineer is becoming part of the communities that I work in.”

“I get to solve problems for our clients. I get to protect the public health by treating drinking water and protecting the environment by treating wastewater. It is a little unbelievable considering I get to build stuff to accomplish those larger goals. Like a kid in the sandbox!”

“I am an engineer because we make a difference in the world starting with our own communities.”

“My favorite part of being an engineer is when the client and the contractor come to you after a project and say, ‘THANK YOU.’ We work on projects, which never go as planned with different issues and problems. It’s fun to see a project come together and be successful.”

“The thing I love about engineering is that what we do is the basis of modern society. Engineering has expanded human life expectancy more than any other scientific endeavor. I love taking complex scientific ideas, adjusting them so they are simple, making them usable, and directly making people’s lives better.”

“I love helping cities accomplish their vision. I am so proud to work with a team that leads the betterment effort for an entire region of communities. I get energized by attending community engagement events and listening to city officials, staffs, and residents describe their aspirations. Working with them to formulate a plan to overcome any barriers and help their vision become real is always such a cool process – it will never get old!


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