Construction Services

Bolton & Menk has a strong foundation working in communities throughout the Midwest. We understand the impacts construction projects have on businesses, residents, and other community stakeholders and strive to minimize construction impacts through effective planning and communication. We’re local and committed to ensuring project commitments are upheld. 

Construction Services

Embracing Community Identity for Beautiful Solutions

A downtown city square is the heart of a community. It is the place where people gather, spend time, and shop local. For Indianola, Iowa, their downtown city square is taking on a whole new light with the demolition of the Warren County Justice Center and replacement with a new justice center facility. The change is an opportunity to take proactive steps toward reimagining the city square through unifying and beautiful streetscape enhancements that the community can be proud of well into the future.

Coffee Break: Episode 4




You didn’t think social distancing would keep us from doing Coffee Break, did you? Construction services are essential and will continue throughout the Midwest as the temperatures warm up. Here with a quick reminder of what to expect are two faces you might see out and about in your area (at a safe distance and with proper protective equipment, of course).