City of Ostrander – Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Project Overview

The City of Ostrander has identified the need to complete a large infrastructure rehabilitation project. The majority of the City’s sewer and water infrastructure was constructed between the late 1940’s and early 1960’s, has outlived its useful life and is in need of replacement. The proposed project will include the replacement of all of the sanitary sewer and water mains, replacement of the main sewer pumping station, abandoning and sealing Well No. 1, rehabilitation of Well No. 2, drilling a new Well No. 3, constructing a new well house, and replacing the existing water tower with a new one.

In addition to the City’s infrastructure needs, Fillmore County has identified the need to reconstruct CSAH 1 (Main Street) and CSAH 3 (Center Street) within Ostrander.

Between 2013 and 2016, the City worked with USDA Rural Development, the MN Public Facilities Authority, and Fillmore County to secure funding for the improvements. In late 2016, funding was secured for a portion of the project. Phase 1 of the project is planned for construction in 2018 and 2019 and will include:

  • Reconstruction of CSAH 1 (Main Street) and CSAH 3 (Center Street) as a concrete roadway
  • Sanitary sewer, watermain, and service construction along CSAH 1 and CSAH 3
  • Storm sewer construction along CSAH 1 and CSAH 3
  • Reconstruction of the sanitary sewer pumping station at the intersection of CSAH 1 and CSAH 3
  • Construction of a new Well No. 3 and Well House
  • Rehabilitation of Well No. 2
  • Abandonment and Sealing of Well No. 1

The total cost of the Phase 1 proposed improvements is currently estimated to be $6,640,960. Funding for the Phase 1 Improvements has been secured as follows:

  • Fillmore County Funding (CSAH 1 & 3 Roadway Costs) - $2,971,200
  • USDA Rural Development WEP Grant - $903,000
  • MN Public Facilities Authority Water Infrastructure Fund Grant - $1,450,000
  • City of Ostrander Local Funding - $1,316,760

The remaining improvements, including replacement of the remaining sanitary sewer and watermain in the rest of Ostrander, and replacement of the water tower, will occur in a future year, when additional funding can be secured.

Project Schedule

  • Project Planning, Funding Applications, and Design – 2013 to 2016
  • Funding Approval for Phase 1 Improvements – August 2016
  • Phase 1 Project Design – August 2016 to January 2018

Phase 1 Project Construction Schedule

CSAH 1 (Main Street) and CSAH 3 (Center Street) Infrastructure Improvements

  • Bid Opening – January 24, 2018
  • Award Contract – February 2018
  • Neighborhood Informational Meeting – February 2018 (Date to be determined)
  • Begin Construction – April 2018
  • End Construction – July 2019

Well & Well House Improvements

  • Bid Opening – February 22, 2018
  • Award Contract – March 2018
  • Begin Construction – Spring 2018
  • End Construction – Winter 2018/2019


Phase 2 Project Schedule

  • To be determined, dependent on additional funding

Project Contacts

Brian Malm

City Engineer
Office: 507-208-4332 x1264
Mobile: 507-381-7511



Steve Vrieze

On-Site Project Representative
Mobile: 507-696-4859

Construction Updates

  • Bids have been taken on the projects and contracts have been awarded to A-1 Excavating, Bloomer, WI for the roadway and utility work, and Wapasha Construction, Winona, MN for the well and wellhouse work.
  • Construction is expected to begin on the roadway and utility work sometime in April 2018.



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