East Taxilanes Reclamation, City of Willmar, Minnesota

East Taxilanes Reclamation

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City of Willmar, Minnesota


The east taxilanes, originally constructed in 2004, were constructed with no center crown in the pavement with the longitudinal profile grade responsible for surface drainage. With the development of private hangars and aprons adjacent to the east taxilanes, surface drainage became a major problem. Surface drainage would pond on each taxilane and eventually back up into each hangar.


Full pavement reconstruction wasn’t financially feasible and a mill and overlay would not be able to make grade corrections for drainage, so use of the bituminous full-depth reclamation (FDR) process was applied. FDR is the process of pulverizing the existing thickness of bituminous and blending with the underlying aggregate base to form a reclaimed asphalt base layer. This layer was then shaped, graded, and compacted with an inverted crown with installation of concrete valley gutter down the centerline to facilitate surface drainage. New bituminous pavement was than paved.


Immediately upon project completion, hangar owners noticed improvements with surface drainage. Rainfall events are no longer feared as surface drainage does not back up into hangars.

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