Apron Rehabilitation Phase IV, City of Boone, Iowa

Apron Rehabilitation Phase IV

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City of Boone, Iowa

The existing apron asphalt pavement was severely deteriorated and access to the south T-hangar area did not allow for a planned future maintenance facility. Upgraded and relocated access to the south hangar area was needed to maintain access to current hangars and plan for expansion with the maintenance facility and additional hangars.

Bolton & Menk completed a preliminary layout of existing hangars and future expansions, defining the required location of the access taxiway and apron. The rehabilitation design incorporated a complete reconstruction of the existing pavements, adding drainage improvements for the future planned expansion. Phased construction was examined as an option to maintain access to current hangars, but to minimize cost impacts a design allowing for an alternative access location and fast-track construction schedule was chosen.

The Boone Municipal Airport now has upgraded access to the south T-hangar area, including room to construct their planned future maintenance facility and additional hangars without changes to existing taxiways.

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