Apron Reconstruction, City of South St. Paul, Minnesota

Apron Reconstruction

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City of South St. Paul, Minnesota

The north apron at South St. Paul Municipal Airport was originally constructed in concrete in the early 1950s, then overlaid with bituminous in the early 1990s. The pavement had severe longitudinal and transverse cracking, raveling, swelling, rutting, and patching. The Pavement Condition Index of 24 recommended major rehabilitation. Bolton & Menk designed removal of existing bituminous and buried concrete, replacement of underground utilities, subgrade correction for drainage, new aggregate base course, and new bituminous surface course. With South St. Paul being the busiest General Aviation Airport in the State, fast tracking and phasing of construction operations were paramount to a successful project. Bolton & Menk was able to phase the project and minimize the impact to airport users, allowing construction to be completed in two months.

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