57th Street Utility & Street Improvements, City of Albertville, Minnesota

57th Street Utility & Street Improvements

Icon of City of Albertville, Minnesota

City of Albertville, Minnesota

The City of Albertville was in the process of continuing its CIP by reconstructing a heavily-traveled street and intersection. The street did not meet city standards for width or match the corridor width. To widen the roadway, easements were needed from city residents and St. Albert’s Catholic Church. The corridor lacked proper drainage piping causing bird baths in isolated locations and flooding at the intersection. Watermain within the roadway was undersized and not a continuous run.

Bolton & Menk prepared a drainage plan to facilitate problem flooding areas and roadway alignment to meet city standards. Working documents were developed for easements needed from the church and residents. New and upgraded watermain piping was proposed to meet city demands and a section of piping was looped together. Additionally, parking lot and loading/unloading zone improvements were made at the church.

The project addressed many utility and roadway issues. St. Albert’s Catholic Church was brought into the project for parking lot reconstruction and construction of new parking lots, which helped maintain a strong relationship between the city and church.

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