Turtle Creek Flood Mitigation, City of Austin, Minnesota

Turtle Creek Flood Mitigation

Turtle Creek in Austin has a history of flooding. Historically, homes were constructed near the creek in the flood plain area. Therefore, Bolton & Menk began analyzing the Turtle Creek flood corridor to determine the feasibility of temporary flood protection versus permanent accredited levee construction. The city decided to construct a levee that would ultimately be accredited by FEMA and remove homes from the flood plain.

Along Turtle Creek, new levee construction will protect homes from destructive flooding for current and future owners. Hydraulic analyses and internal drainage assessment was performed to ensure FEMA compliance and validate the protection of critical infrastructure. The City of Austin will rest assured that homeowners, business owners, and other recreationists remain safe while Turtle Creek is flooded.

A Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) was submitted to ensure that the project, if constructed to plan, will comply with all FEMA accreditation requirements. The final flood mitigation project will include levees and pumping stations to ensure public safety for 1% chance annual flood.

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