Comprehensive Pavement Management System, City of Baxter, Minnesota

Comprehensive Pavement Management System

The City of Baxter wanted to implement a comprehensive Pavement Management System for the city’s 81-mile paved street network. Bolton & Menk completed field evaluation of pavement surface conditions, analyzed pavement management options and costs for treatment, recommended pavement management budget options, and identified potential funding and financing alternatives. The comprehensive Pavement Management Plan included the separation of municipal state aid and local aid street segments so the city could better manage funding for the $14 million pavement needs among the available funding sources. The information collected in the field and generated during the study was integrated with GIS and city staff were trained on all aspects of the study work. The evaluation methodology used the PASER analytical process so city staff could readily update the condition of the pavement system on an annual or bi-annual basis. The city can now manage and maintain the pavement system internally without the need to engage specific analytical equipment or software.

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