Teagarden Drive Drainage, City of Ames, Iowa

Teagarden Drive Drainage

The Teagarden Drive neighborhood experienced flooding and stormwater issues during large flood events. More than 1,500 acres of land drains through the small residential area, with more than 900 acres coming from outside city limits. During large rain events, the large drainage area and proximity to the Skunk River create the possibility for major flooding.

Bolton & Menk analyzed the entire watershed and found several potential critical areas. The major goal of the study was to ensure Highway 69 was not overtopped with water. This would also reduce the speed at which the water flowed through the Teagarden neighborhood and reduce flooding risks. The final recommendation included building a large detention basin to reduce the flow through the neighborhood, installing a debris control structure at a pipe inlet prone to clogging, and routine maintenance/cleaning of the overland flood channels and storm sewer system.

When the study first began, area residents were frustrated with the stormwater situation. Once solutions were proposed and proven, many residents expressed appreciation for the city and their dedication to solving the issues.

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