Parks and Trails Master Plan, City of Big Lake, Minnesota

Parks and Trails Master Plan

Icon of City of Big Lake, Minnesota

City of Big Lake, Minnesota

Interested in providing residents and visitors a safer, more pedestrian friendly environment, the City of Big Lake is constantly looking for ways to enhance the quality of life for their residents. With a Statewide Health Improvement Program grant, a Parks and Trails Master Plan was created to strengthen and promote increased opportunities for non-motorized transportation.

Bolton & Menk delivered an updated Parks and Trails Master Plan to establish a safer, more comprehensive parks and trails system that is aesthetically pleasing and accessible to all users. The system provides a variety of recreational opportunities to all residents and visitors of Big Lake. The ultimate goal being a better quality of life; reducing health care costs and increasing safety.

Through a statewide grant, public input, and community leadership, the Big Lake community now has a sound recreational road map to a safer, more diverse, and more appealing parks and trails system.

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