Clarks Creek Community Park, Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation, North Carolina

Clarks Creek Community Park

The Clarks Creek Community Park is a 32.5-acre community park in north Charlotte. The park is separated from the existing 96.6-acre Clarks Creek Nature Preserve by Hucks Road. Due to the sensitivity of the park's proximity to Clarks Creek Nature Preserve, the park incorporates plant materials that increase bird attraction while decreasing predators. Park amenities include a sprayground, playground, play meadow, community garden, pickleball courts, basketball court, restrooms, park shelter with a picnic area, separate dog parks for large and small dogs, and a trail system which includes both paved and natural surfaces and provides connections to the adjacent communities. The community park is adjacent to existing neighborhoods and is an amenity used by both the local neighbors and community stakeholders. Public engagement and thoughtful coordination with all community stakeholders was essential to the design and implementation of this community asset. Bolton & Menk worked closely with Mecklenburg County to meet the design guidelines and planning principles set forth by the Park and Recreation Department to ensure safety, accessibility, economy, recreation, and overall aesthetics.

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