36-Inch PCCP Watermain Rehabilitation, Joint Water Commission

36-Inch PCCP Watermain Rehabilitation


Joint Water Commission

Faced with mounting liability after experiencing major breaks in a 50-year-old water main line near downtown Robbinsdale, the Joint Water Commission (JWC) evaluated the aging and failing pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) to find an immediate solution. Trenchless and low impact rehabilitation/reconstruction methodologies, both cutting edge and time tested, were evaluated by Bolton & Menk. A combination of methodologies was proposed; primarily loose fit sliplining was chosen.

This project presented a unique opportunity for rehabilitation: the water main has no services, few valves, and many structures located mainly down the centerline of 42nd Avenue/CR 9. The 36-inch line is also oversized for the JWC’s needs. Modeling demonstrated a 24-inch pipe serves the volume the JWC requires. Access excavations for sliplining the existing pipe were located to ensure minimal traffic disruption, while keeping CR 9 open to traffic at all times.

The main rehabilitation resulted in a secure and reliable water supply system for the JWC communities and lessened the liability the JWC had with the failing water main.

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