Dinkytown Greenway, City of Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dinkytown Greenway

Access and bicycle master planning identified a need for a more direct connection between Downtown Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota. In anticipation of this connection, a pedestrian underpass was installed as part of the I-35W Mississippi River Bridge replacement. The city was notified of federal funding for the connection if project documentation could be completed.

The Dinkytown Greenway corridor has a complex history of land uses and ownership, making project and environmental documentation particularly challenging. Past industrial and railroad operations that contributed to soil contamination and buried building debris needed to be considered.

To meet schedule, environmental, and right-of-way constraints for funding, Bolton & Menk completed the accelerated preliminary design and environmental documentation. The trail was designed with a limited footprint and incorporated features to avoid or minimize significant impacts. Final design services and support during construction was also provided. The trail improves the non-motorized transportation network in this area.

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