Bartlett Watermain Rehabilitation, City of Mound, Minnesota

Bartlett Watermain Rehabilitation

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City of Mound, Minnesota

The city encountered increasingly more watermain breaks in the cast iron main underneath Bartlett Boulevard, a collector road serving residents and businesses. The aging watermain was not originally planned for replacement and, to add to the complexity, Bartlett Boulevard is a county road and Hennepin County had no plans to reconstruct. Any efforts to replace watermain left the city responsible for disturbed pavement.

Bolton & Menk designed and bid a trenchless rehabilitation project in two phases. Other improvements within the city’s CIP were juggled to accommodate the necessary improvements. To ensure the most efficient and cost-effective construction method, the projects were bid with two designs and the methodology was left to the contractor. Pipe bursting proved to be the more cost-effective method on both phases.

The watermain was successfully rehabilitated and returned to service with minimal disruptions and minimal excavation of the roadway. In addition, fusible PVC was used to cut down on the underground displacement that would result from the pipe bursting process.

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