TH 14 Trail, City of North Mankato, Minnesota

TH 14 Trail

Icon of City of North Mankato, Minnesota

City of North Mankato, Minnesota

A need for an additional multi-use trail link between the upper and lower areas of North Mankato was apparent. Due to challenging topography and extreme elevation change, few feasible routes exist. Bolton & Menk recognized the opportunity the TH 14 corridor represented and completed preliminary design to determine feasibility of a trail along this route.

Extensive collaboration occurred with MnDOT District 7 through iterative design concepts, office meetings, and on-site reviews to develop a final design that was safe for trail users as well as TH 14 vehicular traffic. Since portions of the trail were essentially constructed within highway ditches, the design had to accommodate and maintain existing drainage patterns while preserving utilization of the trail during and after rainfall events.

Lighting is provided along the trail to enhance pedestrian and bicyclist safety. Several rest areas are also provided along the steeper portions to enhance trail usage by all ages and abilities.

The TH 14 Trail is now a popular bike and pedestrian facility, providing a safe and convenient connection between upper and lower North Mankato.

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