Mill and Overlay, City of Northfield, Minnesota

Mill and Overlay

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City of Northfield, Minnesota

More than 3.5 miles of local and urban collector roads in three distinct areas of the city were identified for rehabilitation. Public involvement was essential to obtain feedback on several preliminary concept options related to pedestrian and bicycle facility improvements. Although the base of this project was a mill and overlay rehabilitation, many other improvements were included that required creative designs to tie into the existing infrastructure. The project included drainage and storm sewer improvements, spot concrete sidewalk and curb and gutter repairs, pedestrian ramp improvements to meet current ADA standards, addition of bump-outs at four intersections, addition of a cul-de-sac turnaround to accommodate a canoe access to the Cannon River, and incorporation of bicycle facility improvements on seven streets to meet the goals of the city’s pedestrian, bike, and trail system plan. Additionally, the project required a well-thought-out project phasing plan to minimize impacts to the institutions and commercial properties surrounding the project area, including Carleton College. Public communication was crucial in keeping the public updated with the project status and expected start and end dates for each project phase. The planning and construction execution collectively led to a successful project completed ahead of schedule.

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