Pavement Maintenance Program, City of Perry, Iowa

Pavement Maintenance Program

Due to limited funding resources, the city had not completed any significant street rehabilitation for five years. During that time, streets continued to deteriorate and several were in a state of disrepair, primarily those with high residency volumes that serve as a connector to primary routes in the community.

With the use of fuel tax funds for road improvements, a pavement maintenance program was developed. Project cost estimates were prepared and the work was organized into a funding package that allowed the city to include the project in a bond that would be repaid over four years of increased fuel tax revenue in conjunction with local option sales tax.

The pavement maintenance program allowed the city to determine multiple streets that would benefit from the first use of their increased fuel tax revenue. The project included 52 blocks of street rehabilitation primarily focused on pavement patching, limited reconstruction, and significant asphalt surface rehabilitation.

  • Asphalt Paving Association of Iowa – 2016 Asphalt Plant Environmental Stewardship Award

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