TH 5 Stormwater Reuse, City of Waconia, Minnesota

TH 5 Stormwater Reuse

A 1.5-mile section of TH 5 was in need of upgrades, including utility and storm drainage improvements. Downstream stormwater management facilities had insufficient capacity to accommodate larger or prolonged rainfall events, resulting in flooding along TH 5. Due to spatial limitations, tight soils, and a 174-acre urbanized watershed upstream, options were limited to not only meet stormwater management requirements imposed by the Carver County Watershed Management Organization (CCWMO), but also to eliminate flooding along the corridor.

Bolton & Menk presented a stormwater reuse design that met all CCWMO and NPDES requirements. In addition, the reuse system reduced the city’s demand on potable water supply by using reuse water for irrigation. The annual volume of reuse water provided is estimated at 5.6 million gallons.

By providing a regional system, adjacent properties can fully use the entire area instead of dedicating a portion to stormwater management.

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