Jordan Creek Greenway Stabilization, City of West Des Moines, Iowa

Jordan Creek Greenway Stabilization

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City of West Des Moines, Iowa

Jordan Creek was severely eroding on both channel sides after crossing under Fuller Road. The erosion stretched almost 500 feet, directly impacting a business. As the channel developed significant erosion, the top of the bank came within 5 feet of the building in areas. Bolton & Menk evaluated the soil condition around the building to determine an effective solution to reconstruct Jordan Creek and prevent building damage. We completed a hydraulic model of the creek channel in its existing state and in previous conditions. Banks in the areas of debris fill were reconstructed and varying sizes of riprap were tied into the creek channel to prevent settling. With limited access to the area along the building, a rock stabilization ledge was constructed along the toe of the creek to preserve vegetation. A drop structure was designed and installed downstream to help with channel mitigation and provide depth upstream.

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