Street Improvements, City of West St. Paul, Minnesota

Street Improvements

West St. Paul is a mature metro community with an ever growing demand to replace deteriorating streets and utilities. The project had some especially difficult stormwater areas where drainage was backing up or where limited storm sewer was available. Bolton & Menk identified design options to alleviate these areas by expanding on the existing storm sewer system and providing grading plans that drastically improved the surface drainage. We also reviewed televising tapes that allowed us to design cast-in-place pipe in lieu of completely replacing the pipe. This ultimately saved the city money.

One particular street was a gravel road identified to be paved – a controversial portion of the project with abutting residents. We helped identify the final solution by analyzing paving options as well as long-term maintenance costs for paving and gravel road alternatives. The remaining streets were designed in combination with the geotechnical engineer to find an adequate section, in combination with existing soils, to support the anticipated traffic load. The city now has upgraded streets and utilities that meet today’s standards and provides neighborhood residents with quality infrastructure.

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