Southview Boulevard Construction Administration, City of South St. Paul, Minnesota

Southview Boulevard Construction Administration

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City of South St. Paul, Minnesota

Consisting of 18 city blocks, Southview Boulevard is the main road making up downtown South St. Paul. Southview Boulevard’s downtown corridor needed to be reconstructed while still maintaining access to businesses, residences, and cross traffic. The corridor had deteriorated pavement, aging and undersized watermain and storm sewer facilities, and outdated pedestrian accessibility features. The corridor also lacked an inviting presence for pedestrians with minimal landscape and streetscape features.

The project included an emphasis on maintaining public access and preserving relationships with the impacted businesses along the downtown corridor. Our construction team was able to coordinate complicated construction efforts (utilities, streetscaping, landscaping, etc.) with the needs of business owners and residents daily until construction was complete. Our construction team worked closely with our communication specialist and project engineer to ensure businesses and residents along the project corridor were informed of the daily construction activities through newsletters, email/web updates, and door-to-door notices.

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