Square Lake Park

Icon of Washington County, Minnesota

Washington County, Minnesota

Though only 25 acres, Square Lake Park serves more than 167,000 visitors annually. Due to the clarity of the water and the park’s unique features it is designated as a “Special Recreation Feature” by the Metropolitan Council.

Bolton & Menk developed a park master plan in accordance with the planning processes adopted by the Met Council as part of the 2040 Regional Parks Policy Plan. Without scrutiny of the park’s natural resources, equitable offerings, and connectivity to regional and local infrastructure, continued growth could soon undermine the very elements that make this a popular destination.

It was important to observe existing park conditions with specific focus on developing a comprehensive natural resources inventory survey plan. Through observation we can identify high-quality communities and areas suitable for restorative maintenance. In addition, we conducted a literature review to summarize cultural resources on-site and potential archeological resources present.

Analysis of findings from natural, water, and cultural resources will inform decisions related to recreational and operational infrastructure. Park planning pulls these different aspects together. Public involvement both informs and validates the final master plan considerations.

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