ADA Transition Plan and Inventory, Mankato/North Mankato Area Planning Organization (MAPO)

ADA Transition Plan and Inventory


Mankato/North Mankato Area Planning Organization (MAPO)

MAPO and partner agencies, including the Cities of Eagle Lake, Mankato, North Mankato, and Skyline, as well as Nicollet and Blue Earth Counties, are working together to provide safe and accessible infrastructure for all users and meet the requirements of the ADA and 28 CFR 35. Bolton & Menk is completing this multi-agency effort which includes evaluating approximately 165 miles of sidewalk, 65 miles of trails, and 5,500 pedestrian ramps within the MAPO boundary, as well as an additional 13.9 miles of sidewalk and trails and 408 pedestrian ramps in Blue Earth and Nicollet Counties outside of the MAPO boundary. The work includes

  • Project management and coordination of multiple agencies

  • Policy and practice revision recommendations to ensure accessibility for all users

  • A detailed inventory of ADA compliance in sidewalks, trails, pedestrian ramps, curb and gutter, crosswalks, accessible pedestrian signals, crosswalk signs, and transit stops

  • Integration of ADA requirements with agency missions, visions, and strategic goals

  • Development of grievance procedure

  • Leadership of the public involvement effort, including two open houses, coordination with advocacy groups (SMILES ILC, VINE, MRCI, etc.), and updates to elected officials

  • Collaboration with individuals on resolving accessibility issues in the city and county systems

  • GIS-based ADA transition data management system

  • Plan development that will schedule and prioritize activities for the efficient and effective removal of accessibility barriers within public rights-of-way

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