Fargo-Moorhead Metro Bikeways Gap Analysis, Fargo-Moorhead Metro COG

Fargo-Moorhead Metro Bikeways Gap Analysis


Fargo-Moorhead Metro COG

The Fargo-Moorhead Metro COG’s 2016 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan identified 119 gaps in the metro bicycle network and potential connectivity improvements. The Fargo-Moorhead Metro Bikeways Gap Analysis analyzed 16 of these gaps and developed concepts to improve connectivity and provide safe and comfortable bicycle facilities.

Toole Design and Bolton & Menk partnered to prepare base maps and perform field evaluations of the gaps. A study review committee (SRC) comprised of representatives from nine local agencies provided input and study oversight. We assessed existing conditions and documented constraints and opportunities within each gap. Extensive public engagement helped identify issues and needs for each study area. Engagement techniques included virtual and in-person events such as online comment mapping and comment boxes along existing bike trails.

Alternatives to close each gap ranged from on-street treatments to off-street trails. Sketches and renderings were developed for each alternative. We presented concepts to the public and SRC; based on their input, we recommended short- and long-term solutions for bicycle network connections along with cost and funding options.

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