Comprehensive Plan Update, City of Luverne, Minnesota

Comprehensive Plan Update

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City of Luverne, Minnesota

The City of Luverne was using its comprehensive plan, adopted in 2008, and a strategic plan, adopted in 2011, to guide growth and economic development. The city wanted to develop a cohesive planning document to provide direction in land use, transportation, infrastructure, housing, and economic development.

Bolton & Menk facilitated a series of steering committee meetings and open houses and developed a community survey to identify the overall issues and direction for the community. We worked closely with city staff to create a planning document that can be used to guide daily decisions about development and investment.

The comprehensive plan is a visually appealing, easy-to-read document that provides overall goals for the city. The plan includes an implementation section with specific action steps to guide the city in everyday decisions. Bolton & Menk created a series of summary sheets for each chapter to distribute to the public.

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