TH 169 Reconstruction and Roundabouts in Blue Earth, MnDOT District 7

TH 169 Reconstruction and Roundabouts in Blue Earth

TH 169 is a regionally-significant corridor connecting the Twin Cities with local and regional business centers in southern Minnesota. Bolton & Menk completed final design and plan production for the $10 million reconstruction of TH 169 through the City of Blue Earth. The corridor was experiencing safety issues and failing roadway and utility infrastructure. The project involved a complete reconstruction of nearly two miles of roadway, including a four- to three-lane conversion and roundabouts at three key intersections. Failing and outdated utility infrastructure was upgraded, including sanitary sewer and watermain.

This project enhanced safety and traffic flow. A full-scale public outreach and roundabout education program was necessary to build project support, as the roundabouts were the first in the region. Pedestrian accommodations were also improved through sidewalk construction, boulevard aesthetics, and ADA compliance, along with aesthetic lighting and landscaping along the corridor.

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