CSAH 10 Realignment in Waconia, Carver County, Minnesota

CSAH 10 Realignment in Waconia

CSAH 10 serves as the backbone of Carver County. It cuts through urban Waconia at low speeds with many access points. The city and county planned for a beltway to re-route the corridor to the edge of the community, serving as a high-speed corridor with highly-managed access. In 2014, the school district passed a referendum that called for expansion of their facilities. This was to occur on land split by the beltway vision, accelerating the planning and implementation of the western portion of the beltway.

Bolton & Menk worked with Carver County and the City of Waconia to successfully obtain competitive funding to relocate the roadway to the west, with funds being used to manage access on Highway 5 and construct a roundabout at new CSAH 10. A comprehensive corridor study was completed to identify the corridor alignment, focusing on items such as cost, safety, sight distance, typical section, trail accommodations, access management, intersection safety and control, and property impacts. We also completed traffic studies, wetland delineations, hydraulic analysis, utility coordination, trail design, pedestrian underpass design, and right-of-way acquisition assistance. The partners agreed on a recommended alignment that balanced the key issues.

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