CH 17 and Vierling Drive and CH 17 at TH 169 North Ramp, City of Shakopee, Minnesota

CH 17 and Vierling Drive and CH 17 at TH 169 North Ramp

Icon of City of Shakopee, Minnesota

City of Shakopee, Minnesota

Marschall Road (CH 17) provides one of the primary access points to TH 169 in Shakopee. It is a vital roadway serving motorists, pedestrians, and transit users. Serving over 18,000 vehicles per day with access to retail destinations, this corridor is typically congested. Limited intersection spacing and narrow right-of-way prohibit substantial capacity improvements.

Rear end crashes and safety concerns required the city to take action to preserve the corridor. Through a Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program grant, creative and cost-effective solutions were developed to accommodate traffic, improve safety, and avoid property acquisition. This included narrowed lanes to accommodate an additional left turn lane to Vierling Drive, widened exit ramp to provide an additional left turn lane to Marschall Road, and implementation of interconnected traffic signals. A Level 2 Layout was approved, final design plans and specifications prepared, and construction administered on behalf of the city.

Continuous communication was provided to affected businesses and residents. The improvements have increased safety and allowed for better mobility and access to retail and residential areas.

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