Wastewater Clarifier And Master Plan, City of Mankato, Minnesota

Wastewater Clarifier And Master Plan

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City of Mankato, Minnesota


Through careful planning with the City of Mankato, funding for this clarifier and wastewater facility improvement project was obtained to allow the city to build for an ever-growing regional area.

The City of Mankato was experiencing problems with aging infrastructure and the need for improvements to support a growing community at an affordable cost. The city retained Bolton & Menk to design their clarifier improvements project. A facility plan was expedited to qualify for State Revolving Fund low-interest loans. Working within the existing site and integrating the improvements into the current wastewater treatment facility were key considerations. Design included the demolition of two, 90-foot diameter secondary clarifiers and pump building. The project added a new 100-foot diameter final clarifier and pump room including tunnel access; replaced two, 80-foot primary clarifier mechanisms; added primary clarifier flow monitoring, sludge pumping, and phosphorus analyzers; and added ferric chloride feed systems, tunnel upgrades, and electrical and HVAC improvements to support the modifications. The project was completed on time and within budget. A video was produced explaining the need for the improvements and the impact the improvements had on the city.

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