Wastewater Treatment Improvements 3D Model, City of Sioux Center, Iowa

Wastewater Treatment Improvements 3D Model

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City of Sioux Center, Iowa

The city was facing development of a complex engineering project at their wastewater treatment facility. An early project goal was to help educate the city council and staff on wastewater treatment and how the project was going to work.

To assist the city with their understanding of the project, Bolton & Menk used state-of-the-art 3D design software to produce a realistic model of the treatment facility and allow operators, the public utilities department, city management, and council to easily review and understand the improvements. The 3D model matched the plans, as they were developed from the original detailed engineering drawing. Using the model allowed for input from the everyday resident yet contained the technical detail necessary for a licensed wastewater operator to see the specific equipment layouts.

Council and city staff were able to understand and provide input into a complicated technical project, resulting in client buy-in and an excellent working knowledge of the project.

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