TH 169/CR 28 Intersection Improvements, Le Sueur County, Minnesota

TH 169/CR 28 Intersection Improvements

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Le Sueur County, Minnesota

Utilities and improvements were brought to the north part of Le Sueur where industrial lot development was planned. Access improvements were needed at TH 169, which serves as the basis of future roadway extensions to support development. Plans for an interchange were in the works for over a decade. Bolton & Menk helped refine access needs through this area and determined potential locations. Funding was unsuccessful due to the high price coupled with limited benefits.

A more cost-effective solution was developed that included Reduced Conflict U-Turn Intersection (RCUT) treatments. With RCUT design, left turning movements onto the mainline are performed with a right turn, followed by a U-turn to the desired travel direction. This eliminates the need to find gaps in both directions to make the left turn, particularly important for trucks too large to use the center median area as a refuge.

Our solution was fundable and supported by all project partners. It also closed or combined multiple access points, safely facilitates traffic movements, serves heavy truck traffic volumes, and has allowed industrial development to begin.

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