Wagner Lift Station, City of Roseville, Minnesota

Wagner Lift Station

Icon of City of Roseville, Minnesota

City of Roseville, Minnesota

Roseville’s existing lift station was a 50-year-old prefabricated wet/dry well pneumatic station 30 years past its design life. Wear had become an issue and parts for the existing station were difficult to obtain. Pumps were corroded and existing check valves were not functioning properly, but poor access made repair or replacement difficult.

Bolton & Menk designed and oversaw construction of a new submersible lift station containing two 5 HP pumps and a valve vault adjacent to the old station. The station uses a new control panel and connects to the city’s existing SCADA system. The new station was constructed while the original station remained functional, negating the need to bypass the station during construction.

The lift station was successfully constructed, started up, and is operational with minimal maintenance needs for the city.

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