2040 Comprehensive Plan Update, City of Scandia
The updated plan reflects the community's vision and goals; a new land use category was also established to identify future growth.

2040 Comprehensive Plan Update

City of Scandia

The City of Scandia wanted to update its 2030 Comprehensive Plan. The goal was to both update and improve the existing plan to reflect the changes that already occurred and are likely to occur in the community since the date of the last plan. The city wanted a robust public engagement process and a more readable plan.

Bolton & Menk developed and executed a public engagement process designed to engage a broad spectrum of community members - youth, seniors, business owners, agricultural land owners, and residents. The process included several steering committee meetings, three focus group meetings, two pop-up meetings, a community survey, and a comprehensive plan website.

As a result, the plan has been updated and revised to reflect the community vision and goals, and a new land use category to identify future growth was established.