Highway 14 Corridor Study, City of Marshalltown, Iowa
"Bolton & Menk used steering committee input to have the first public discussion of the corridor. The public input sessions also provided much-needed information to the residents about the nature of the project." Stephen Valbracht , Marshalltown Plan and Zoning Commission

Highway 14 Corridor Study

City of Marshalltown, Iowa

As a transportation backbone bisecting the community, the Highway 14 corridor is crucial to the success of many local businesses and to the people who depend on it for daily travel. Over time, the quality and functionality of the corridor has declined. The Highway 14 Corridor Study is the pivotal first step for the City of Marshalltown to improve public safety, enhance community pride, and better the economic and social vitality of the corridor.

Study areas were identified following extensive outreach and community discussions with more than 800 participants. Areas included properties forecasted to turn over or become vacant and sites that presented the greatest safety concerns, blight, or incompatible land uses. Illustrations of various redevelopment scenarios demonstrated potential land use changes, incorporation of a more active streetscape, and opportunities made possible by a four- to three-lane road diet. Study outcomes tapped the potential for reinvigorating impoverished neighborhoods; improving vehicular and pedestrian safety; and creating a beautified and user-friendly corridor streetscape.

Immediately following adoption of the Highway 14 Corridor Study, the city began the implementation process and is currently working with interested developers and the Iowa DOT. The corridor was recently impacted by a devastating tornado, making the recommendations increasingly relevant and will prove instrumental in a viable future for this area of Marshalltown.

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  • Award 1 Iowa Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architecture – 2019 Honor Award
  • Award 2 Central States American Society of Landscape Architecture – 2019 Merit Award