Water Treatment Facility, Cities of Freeborn and Hartland, Minnesota
By building one common water treatment plant the Cities saved $700,000 in construction fees.

Water Treatment Facility

Cities of Freeborn and Hartland, Minnesota

The Cities of Freeborn and Hartland desired a single water treatment facility to serve both communities. The City of Freeborn's aging distribution system was in need of replacement and had high levels of arsenic in their raw water, while the City of Hartland had a failing water treatment plant in need of emergency replacement.

Bolton & Menk worked with both communities, as well as funding and regulatory agencies, to design a water treatment facility and seven-mile connection line. Building one common water treatment plant instead of two saved the Cities $700,000 in construction fees. Additionally, they share staff time for operations and on-call duties, freeing up personnel to work on other items.

Funding for both communities was provided through Rural Development in the form of low interest loans and grants. By combining water sources, both Cities can take advantage of a cost-effective solution that meets their current and future goals.